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How Chris Weidman established himself as the top middleweight in the world
Rousey noted that she had a cyst on a knuckle on her right hand that required nine stitches to fix after the fight. She also said her right knee needs minor surgery because, in her words, there is some "junk floating around" in there. That led White to go ...

Efficacy of combined antiparasitic therapy with praziquantel and albendazole for neurocysticercosis: a double-blind
Neurocysticercosis causes a substantial burden of seizure disorders worldwide. Treatment with either praziquantel or albendazole has suboptimum efficacy.

Doctors remove rare ovarian cyst at MY Hospital
INDORE: In one of the rare surgery, doctors at MY Hospital removed a football size ovarian cyst from a seven-month pregnant woman. Only one in 35,000 patients are diagnosed with such an anomaly. Resident of Sanwer, Manju Ashok,30, was diagnosed with a 20kg ...

Headbanging caused brain bleed in Motorhead fan
The patient's headaches soon disappeared. In a follow-up scan, the doctors saw he had a benign cyst which might have made the metal aficionado more vulnerable to a brain injury. "We are not against headbanging," said Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian ...

Malignancy incidence with laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy
In this retrospective study, researchers determined the incidence of malignancy among women undergoing cystectomy for presumed benign disease (e.g. hemorrhagic cysts, dermoid cyst). The present work reviewed records of nearly 2,000 women in Japan who ...

Jason Manford gets cancer all-clear after lump on testicle revealed to be a cyst
Comedian Jason Manford has revealed the lump on his testicle is just a cyst. The TV funnyman had an emergency appointment with the doctor yesterday. He said: "Doctor said he doesn't think it's anything serious, maybe a cyst or something (I know, ladies ...

Identifying cyst-laden meat: Sarcocystis thermostable PCR detection kit developed
Consumption of undercooked cyst-laden meat from cattle, sheep and goats may cause infection in humans. Researchers have successfully invented a PCR kit which provides a suitable and feasible means of screening, detection and identification with high sensitivity and specificity of the parasite.

Newer Tests For Breast Cancer
Ultrasound (sonography) uses sound waves to look at breast tissue. Ultrasound is particularly useful at telling whether a lump is a solid mass (worrisome) or whether it is a fluid-filled cyst (usually reassuring).

Doctors give thumbs up to WL boy with brain cyst
WINDSOR LOCKS — In his first post-operation visit Monday at Children’s Medical Center in Boston doctors gave a positive report to Allen Hinckley, the 8-year-old who learned in March that he had a baseball size cyst in his brain that couldn’t be surgically removed.

Ronda Rousey details injuries: Nine stitches in right hand; surgery for right knee
The force of the punch caused a cyst underneath her knuckle to explode. Rousey explained the situation at the post-fight press conference. "It turns out over the last two camps, I kept ripping my knuckle open, and I just kept covering it up and hitting on ...

Comedian Jason Manford given all-clear after finding lump on his 'favourite testicle'
Comedian Jason Manford has spoken of his relief after a lump on his testicles was found to be a non-cancerous cyst. Speaking to his 809,000 fans on Facebook two days ago, the Mancunian admitted that he’d found a “little lump” on his “favourite ...

Breast cyst: what is it?
A cyst in the breast, which feels and looks like a lump, is actually a sac filled with fluid. Cysts occur most often in women in their 30s and 40s and usually go away after menopause. However, the exact cause of cysts is not yet known. Cysts rarely turn ...

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