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Lipstick Shades For Dark Lips
If you have dark lips and avoid lipstick, then here are some of the colours you can select from to get that perfect pout. Lipsticks are the easiest choice when you don't have too much time for makeup but still want to look dolled up for an event.

Police seeking man
POLICE ARE SEEKING the public’s assistance in locating Scott Colby Harewood who they say is wanted in connection with a serious criminal matter. The 28-year-old who is also known as “Rat” or “Ratty” last resided at Castle Heights, St Philip.   He is about 6 feet, 1 inch in height, of slim build and black complexion with dark brown eyes and thick dark lips. He has tattoos of a gun on his left ...

Disco clam's party tricks revealed by scientists
Brooks Hays BERKELEY, Calif., June 25 (UPI) -- A new study by Berkley researcher Lindsey Dougherty has show exactly how the disco clam lights up its iridescent lips.

How Disco Clams Put on Undersea Light Shows
Study researcher Lindsey Dougherty, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, used a spectrometer to measure the light emitted by the clams and discovered that the silica spheres are especially good at reflecting the short wavelengths of blue light, which can reach deep-sea water easier than longer wavelengths of light. The outside of the clam's lips do not have any silica ...

Black Lips re-enlist guitarist Jack Hines
Rumors of OutKast playing a secret show at 529 on June 29 were greatly exaggerated. Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, however, did play an unannounced set of mostly new Atlas Sound songs while opening for a dress rehearsal of Black Lips' upcoming tour. Guitarist ...

Have Dark Lips Due To Smoking? - Natural Cure
Everyone knows about the side effects of smoking on health but getting dark lips due to the cigarette can add a flaw on the beautiful face and lips. Smokers lips can make the lips appear ugly and unattractive. Smokers get dark lips because of nicotine and ...

For happy, healthy lips in summer
Many women think lipsticks can hide their lip defects, but they are wrong. Lips need special care to make them look good and fresh in summer.

Dark lips and lip colour
Women with dark lips often find it tough to find the right shade of lip colour. Mostly, they don't find the lip shade of their choice and end up buying the wrong shade that makes their lips look darker. Here are a few tips that will help you in buying the ...

Iggy Azalea’s sexy model past: red lips and big hair
In one image, Azalea wears dark curly tresses, racy dark eye shadow and red lipstick. 

Black Lips, The Nightbirds and more
The Black Lips are what you could call true visionaries of a skeptical age. Even from their very first 7" EP, you could tell they were doing their own thing on their own terms, and of course it didn't sit well, even with the dawning of the 21st century and ...

The Black Lips
The Black Lips’ live show is something to behold. It’s a theatrical performance of epic proportions, which often includes rioting, stage diving, vomiting, urination, crowd surfing, and even flaming guitars. While their live show is punk and garage rock ...

Spectacular 'disco clams'
Tiny "disco clams" create rippling light shows on the ocean floor, thanks to reflective mirrors that coat their lips, new research shows

Lorde's purple lips tips
Lorde thinks her MAC lipstick is the perfect cosmetic for easing into dark purple lips.

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