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New Helmet Claims To Cure Hair Loss In Women
Baldness is often associated with ageing men , but across the world there are thousands of women also suffering from hair loss. With this in mind a company in California have come up with a new hair-loss solution specifically designed for women- a helmet that fires cool lasers at the wearer's scalp to stimulate hair growth. It is claimed The Theradome headgear will double the follicle size of ...

5 Best Hair Removal Techniques
WAXING Pros: Waxing pulls hair out at the root, so you’re guaranteed a few weeks of that lovely smooth-as-a-baby’s-bum feeling. It also weakens hair over time, meaning that re-growth will become slower, and will feel softer.

Mila Kunis Is Right: Dudes, Stop Saying 'We're Pregnant'
Pregnancy is a lot of things: A joy, a pain, a blessing, a curse. One thing it's not is simultaneously experienced physically by the dude who knocked you up, or whoever your partner in this crime is. So unless the you is two women who are actually both pregnant simultaneously, do us all a favor and stop saying "We're pregnant." Read more...

Arthritis drug allows hairless man with alopecia to grow hair
The 25-year-old man has alopecia universalis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes hair loss over the entire body when the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. Doctors at Yale University tried an unusual treatment using an FDA-approved drug ...

Getting to the root of hair loss with Oxy DH Therapy
If you've noticed that your shower drain is clogging more frequently, you may be suffering from hair loss. While it's normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day, factors such as stress and genes may cause you to lose your crowning glory prematurely.

Can This Arthritis Drug Cure Baldness?
Researchers have found that a drug approved for rheumatoid arthritis helped a patient suffering from alopecia halt his hair loss. Two doctors at Yale University may have found a treatment for hair loss. Published on June 18 in the Journal of Investigative ...

How to take FIVE YEARS off your face, just by changing your parting
According to celebrity hair-stylist Andrew Barton, the wrong parting can make us look years older - dragging down features.

Arthritis drug helps hairless man regrow full head of hair
There is no known cure for alopecia universalis -- the autoimmune disease that the man suffers from, which causes a loss of all body hair. Yale researchers came up with an effective targeted treatment that helped the patient grow his hair back, including ...

Successful Hair Loss Treatment: Yale Scientists Use Drug To Completely Regrow A Man's Hair Back
The cure for hairloss has been an elusive one: most treatments either aim to prevent further hair loss but none have been effective at 'regrowing' lost hair. For many, the only option for a full head of hair is a transplant. However, a ground-breaking new ...

DNA Study Shatters The 'Dumb Blonde' Stereotype
A new study from Stanford University shows that hair color is only skin deep. So if you?re having a blonde moment, don?t blame your hair.

Major factors that contribute to hair loss: Ways to save your locks
Many individuals these days are experiencing hair loss and it is a condition everyone seems to be concerned about. There are many, many reasons why hair loss could be affecting a person. One major factor associated with hair loss is genetics. It is quite ...

Drug gives bald man full head of hair
By 18, he'd lost all the hair on his head and body. One day his doctor at Yale University had a thought: Since Rhodes' hair loss was caused by an autoimmune disease, why not try a treatment used for another autoimmune disorder? He chose the drug Xeljanz ...

Scientists successfully use arthritis drug to regrow completely bald man's hair
Photos of the man show him go from totally bald on top of his head to sporting a lustrous mane of blond locks. Alopecia is a hair-loss disease that affects, men, women and children. The onset is often sudden, random and frequently recurrent. Although the ...

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