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Chinese herbal medicine can treat cancer safely and effectively
(NaturalNews) Australia's University of Western Sydney and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine recently conducted a large, retrospective review of thousands of studies and "hundreds of thousands of cancer patients" which proved that Chinese herbal ...

Curbing abuse of herbal medicine
The proliferation and influx of herbal medicine from within and outside the shores of Nigeria, particularly from China, should be a source of concern for the citizens as its development has led to an upsurge in various categories of healers. In fact, the ...

The importance of herbal preparation
While many of the tactics result in high sales volume, it does not necessarily produce a herbal product that is better medicine. Traditional herbal medicine was reliant on the proper preparation of herbs as medicine. Traditionally herbs were harvested and ...

NAFDAC and integrity of local herbal products
it is called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). China, India and Thailand spearheaded the global herbal market, which currently has a huge annual turnover of $100 billion. By the records of World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 80 per cent ...

Lindab International AB :Lindab building solutions to Baku, Azerbaijan for EUR 3 million
Lindab has received an order for the complete super structure for two hall buildings totalling 19,000 sq.m. to be used for manufacturing and warehousing for a herbal medicine company in Baku, Azerbaijan. ...

Herbal pharmacy found in Edmonton’s River Valley
When it comes to dealing with aches and pains, many people head to the local pharmacy for relief. But a local clinical herbalist says many ailments can be treated by heading out to your own backyard.

Herbal medicines registry call
A BODY that regulates drugs coming into the GCC wants to create a unified database of herbal medicines permitted by all Gulf countries in hopes of controlling prices. The GCC Central Committee for Drugs (GCC-DR) also plans to closely monitor the ...

Chinese medicine yields secrets to scientists
The mysterious inner workings of Chang Shan—a Chinese herbal medicine used for thousands of years to treat fevers associated with malaria—have been uncovered thanks to a high-resolution structure solved at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

Bulacan promotes ‘sambong’ herbal medicine
While some sectors advocate the use of traditional medicines in the province of Bulacan, the Provincial Health Office (PHO) endorses only one kind of herbal medicine — “Sambong,” an antibiotic for treating urinary tract infection (UTI). Darlene Ivy Zafra, health education and promotion officer of the PHO, said they do not promote other types of traditional medicines, particularly those without ...

Pattaya Mail
BANGKOK, 19 June 2014, - Chulalongkorn University has announced the results of medical research on an aphrodisiac herbal medicine that does not create side effects in users.

Exercise caution with herbal products
Millions of people rely on herbal remedies to treat a variety of ailments or conditions. Although the efficacy of herbal remedies is not often backed by federal monitoring organizations, many users of herbal products find them highly effective. Though these remedies come from nature, not all herbal medicines are harmless. They may have side effects Read More... The post Exercise caution with ...

Reform African religion and herbal medicine
Osofopayin Sri Nana Adi Jagadgurudev Janakacharya Amankwah the first, President of the Federation of Indigenous African Priests, has noted that African traditional religion and herbal medicine needs reformation and documentation for the benefit of the people.

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