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For these endangered lemurs, it was love at first sight
There's puppy love, there's muskrat love, but there is nothing like the love of two middle-aged, critically endangered lemurs. Ten minutes after they met at the Oakland Zoo in May, they were sniffing, reaching, touching ... copulating. Anthony and Dern are blue-eyed lemurs, the only primates besides humans to consistently have blue eyes. Dern, 17, had lost her mate at the Waco zoo several months ...

Courtney Love: Hollywood will forgive drugs but 'will never forgive' getting fat
The ex-Hole lead singer hinted at a collaboration with the young star saying she plans on “doing something with Miley.” The two regularly communicate via Twitter. “If it wasn’t for Miley Cyrus, 2013 would’ve been a dully dreary year,” Love ...

Love: 'I got a little chunky'
Sign in to comment! Count Courtney Love on Team Miley. The ex-Hole lead singer hinted at a collaboration with the young star saying she plans on “doing something with Miley.” The two regularly communicate via Twitter.

TV soaps may kill your love life: Study
Know why your love life sucks? Blame it on those "family action-packed" TV serials your partner watches every evening.

I love this country
Let me say it: I love this country.

Courtney Love: little miss perfect
She has spent the past two decades in the spotlight – but on the eve of her 50th birthday, Courtney Love insists she's a changed woman.

Love Letters: An Update and a Question About Sparks
Meredith Goldstein is a Boston Globe and writer, author of the novel "The Singles," and writer of the Love Letters blog, which appears every weekday online and is reprinted in The Boston Globe on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Meredith offers relationship advice -- and welcomes yours.

GARDNER VARIETY: Love means nothing in tennis — and everything
Love means nothing in tennis.Americans must really be taking this to heart. I wouldn’t quite compare our country’s current lack of concern for the sport to something along the lines of Ann Coulter’s xenophobic tirade against the World Cup (which woefully missed the mark), but still, isn’t there at least a little love — I mean, uh, actual love — to go around?

Love According to the Rebbe
What if someone said to you, "I love you, but I don't like your children?" You'd probably say: "You may think that you love me, but you don't really. You don't care for what I care most deeply about. Obviously, you don't know anything about me, and you don ...

Carmelo and Kobe and Kevin Love, oh my!
We know that free agent Carmelo Anthony visited the Lakers. We think that the Lakers made a very strong pitch. And we’re hearing that Anthony played hoops Sunday at UCLA with not only Kobe Bryant but Kevin Love! Note the decreasing certainty of those ...

President Harding’s steamy love letters with Carrie Phillips to go on display
The former president’s love affair with Carrie Phillips is recorded in dozens of letters in the Library of Congress.

Tiny Love launches exclusive pregnancy website, Offers free baby names book
SAN DIEGO, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tiny Love has recently launched a pregnancy guide designed exclusively for expectant parents, and it's an experience not to be missed! Expert driven, easy to navigate, and with that signature Tiny Love look and feel, the Pregnancy Guide makes getting trusted pregnancy advice and support easier than ever. "At Tiny Love, we care deeply about parents ...

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