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The benefits of female libido enhancers
Have you been experiencing sexual problems that have you viewing sex as more of a chore than pleasure? If so, a female libido enhancer may be the right option for you. A Female Libido Enhancer is a supplement that works to raise low levels of sexual desire ...

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8 of the biggest myths about sex
It’s accepted as a truism that we live in a sex-drenched culture. From our pop- and reality-TV stars to our ready access to porn, the suggestion is that, when we’re...

Men see blue; women want pink
Many men are seeing blue after taking the sexual enhancement drug, Viagra, while some of us women would love to have the luxury of seeing pink. Men are busy in pharmaceutical laboratories, ensuring that they not only enjoy sex to the fullest, but are able ...

Sex enhancers:Inspiring your desire or courting disaster?
At some point in life, every person, male or female, may experience low sex drive, and require an extra boost to keep the passion alive. Erectile dysfunction, one of the most encountered forms of sexual dysfunction is an excuse usually put forward for ...

The side effects of sexual enhancement supplements
Note: Our intent here is to provide good and clean content on sexual health. We want to resolve all the mis-conceptions and curiosities about this subject. If you feel uncomfortable because of any article in this section, please let us know. Your inbox ...

Downside of sex 'enhancers'
There are many off the shelf products, but little is known about them – and their effects. Shortcoming: Most sexual enhancers sold off the shelf have never been scientifically tested In 2011, sex workers on Lagos's notorious Sanusi Fafunwa Street issued ...

Convicted Sex Offender Formally Charged For Alleged Kidnap Attempt
Kidnapping and assault charges have been formally filed against a previously convicted sex offender accused of kidnapping a 10-year-old girl last week.

Downside of sex ‘enhancers’
In 2011, sex workers on Lagos’s notorious Sanusi Fafunwa Street issued a warning, according to one of Nigeria’s online services: “Clients who use Alomo Bitters or ‘any high-power drugs like that’ will either be denied service or they would be ...

Canadian Antispam Law Whips Up a Storm of Last-Minute Messages
But this isn’t a mortgage rip-off, weight-loss scam or sexual enhancement offer. This is the antispam email. In recent weeks, Canadians have been inundated with emails from retailers, manufacturers, nonprofits, even government agencies — all rushing to ...

Former teacher found guilty of all child molestation charges
It only took 90 minutes of deliberations for a Routt County jury to return guilty verdicts on all charges against John Brothers Jr., the former teacher and pastor accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy. The jury Friday morning found Brothers guilty of eight felony counts of sex assault on a child. One charge was filed for each of the eight times Brothers molested the boy. In addition, the jury ...

Malaysia's herbal Viagra takes off
The tree, known as Tongkat Ali, yields a root traditionally used to treat fevers and malaria, ease lower back pain, enhance energy and greatly boost sexual prowess.

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